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What’s your competitive edge?

We provide customer and market insight for B2B businesses to help them make better decisions.

Customers have never been so well informed about their options. In our socially-networked world, new products and services can quickly shake up complacent industries. Suppliers face difficult decisions about how to differentiate with limited resources. To get those decisions right, they need insight.

We believe that businesses who invest in insight, and use it wisely, will always have a competitive edge over their rivals.

Business analysis and research
Insight consultants

What we offer

We refer to ourselves as "insight consultants" because we use our business experience and consultancy skills to ensure that any research we do fits in the broader context of your business purpose. We offer the following services:

Do you use what you already know?

Clients often ask us to analyse data they already have and make sense of it. This is because they know we can offer specialist analytical and statistical skills that they may not have in-house.

How well do you really know your customers?

Our qualitative research techniques are designed to probe deeply into customer attitudes, behaviours and motivations. We interview customers across the world, sometimes face-to-face, sometimes remotely - but always with genuine interest and empathy.

Our quantitative research toolbox includes a unique approach to customer satisfaction research (which we call "The Edge Factor").

It's a bespoke technique that shows you which parts of your offer are just hygiene factors (where all you need to do is reach a minimum standard) and which actually drive customer loyalty (and are therefore worth investing in).

Markets and competitors
Is someone eating your lunch?

In our super-informed, hyper-connected world, it's surprising how much valuable information is publicly available... if only you had the time and resources to go through it. What are your competitors up to? What new innovations are around the corner? We can provide bespoke secondary research that sheds light on your market and your competitors.

Our Approach

We have some basic principles that guide our work:

Challenge your own assumptions
We encourage you to challenge your own assumptions

We don't do it to be difficult or annoying. We do it because it's part of making sure that the resulting insight will be relevant and actionable.

Gold dust
We work with you, not just for you

The "gold dust" of great insight comes from blending our experience of B2B research with knowledge and expertise that already resides in your business. Sometimes you don't realise how much you already know.

We use interviewers who have business gravitas in B2B conversations
We use interviewers who have business gravitas

In B2B, the people we interview are normally senior decision-makers. They appreciate open conversations with senior-level, skilled consultants who have their own business experience and credibility.


Ashley Green set up Edge Marketing in 2008. The idea came about because he'd found it difficult to find high quality B2B market research suppliers in his previous corporate roles. There were plenty of brilliant research businesses around - but they seemed to focus on the more "glamorous" consumer brands - not B2B.

B2B is a different animal and we believe it requires a combination of business consultancy and research skills. The two principals in the business are Ashley Green and Peter Sew-Hee, and we are supported by a network of experienced associates.

Ashley Green

Ashley's 25 year career with large multinational companies gave him opportunities to manage global marketing programmes (such as a retail customer segmentation for BP's retail business), but also to run a business and understand first-hand the intricacies of B2B customer decision-making. After leaving the corporate world, he has conducted research for and advised many global businesses including Castrol, Alstom and HSBC.

Peter Sew-Hee

Peter has more than 25 years of experience in marketing research, having worked on both the agency side and client side. He has an in-depth knowledge of all the marketing research methodologies and, importantly, he will make sure the right methodologies and techniques are deployed in a research project in order to generate high quality insights as effectively and efficiently as possible. He has carried out assignments for many large companies like BP and Alstom. Peter holds a Ph.D. degree in Statistics from the University of Cambridge.


Just some of the companies we’ve worked with over the years


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